A Cozy Bakery in North Georgia - Deb's Bakery #ReviewCrew @Restaurant_com

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Who doesn't get excited when they see a bakery in the middle of nowhere? I know I sure do! The other week we went to visit my mom who lives about 50 miles away. When we were on the way, Mary got hungry so we stopped into a lovely little bakery in my mom's hometown. It's called Deb's Bakery and it's not to be missed.

Inside at the front you can order lunch, ice cream, baked goods and drinks. And in the back, there is a little area to eat. We were really impressed on how cozy it was plus how many baked goods they had in this small town. 

For our lunch, we ordered sandwiches and a croissant. We also ordered baked goods for everyone and a to-go order of pasta salad for my mom. I think out of everyone's baked goods, Mary's topped the cake. She ordered a Long John Eclair which turned out so wonderful that I ate half myself!

This eclair was scrumptious! Overall the restaurant was wonderful, Not only were they very clean inside and cozy, but they had wonderful customer service.

Something else wonderful about Deb's Bakery is that they are a part of Restaurant.com so they take the gift certificates! Before we left the house, I went onto Restaurant.com and ordered my gift certificate to my account. Then when I got to the restaurant, I just pulled the certificate up on my phone. They validated it with one click and the money came off my final bill!

Currently they offer gift certificate denominations in the amount of $10. So the $10 would take $10 off a $20 bill.That's a savings of 50%!

So if you're ever near Jasper, GA and you're craving baked goods really bad, then you need to stop on in with a Restaurant.com gift certificate!