A Few of My Favorite Tichels for January

I am a Wrapunzel Official Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

This year started off wonderfully for me because I am now an ambassador for one of my favorite companies, Wrapunzel! If you've never heard of them, you're certainly missing out on a lot. Wrapunzel sells gorgeous tichels and accessories for women who wrap their hair. Since I wrap my hair daily, I love to express myself in my wraps. And Wrapunzel makes it so easy to do since they have a plethora of choices!

My first wrap that I was able to do was from the Signature Scarf. The color I received was the Light version which was more pastel colors. This tichel was a bit silky so it took me a little longer to be able to get the folds just right but I pleated it anyways!

I really loved how it gave such definition with it's pleats since it's full of different colors. It looked like I had a lot of scarves on my head when in fact it was just one.

The second tichel I received was the Layers of Love scarf. This one is another fun scarf to play with since it has different animal patterns on it. In my style, I pleated it in the front leaving 3 different layers by my face and then I added a headband that had gold in it. I then tied it on the side and brought both sides over to my shoulder.

This scarf is really big but it's easy to work with, plus it's lightweight. It's a wonderful tichel for fall because of the colors but also it's great for spring since it's airy.

The third tichel I received was the Watercolor Dream and it's as beautiful as a painting! It looks like a peacock so when I put it on I really was a crazy bird lady for the day! This tichel is also very lightweight and easy to manage. I pleated it in the front again but this time I added a gorgeous pin on the side. I love how the golds in the scarf came out with the pin attached.

This scarf was so comfortable to wear and my husband has told me it's the most beautiful one I own too.

The final tichel I received was the gorgeous Florabunda scarf. When I saw this pashmina, I knew it was going to be a favorite. And I got so many compliments on it too! For my wrap, it was a simple one where I folded one side over and tucked it in. I left one tail out and added a gorgeous sparkle headband.

Even though this scarf is thicker, it's a gorgeous one and it's easy to maneuver. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing it and discovering that purple actually looks good on me!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my new tichels for this month! And make sure to follow me on Instagram @kbwhiskey because I post my tichels daily on my channel. And I'll be doing a new post for February with more tichels too!