Try the World Holiday Box 2015

As a lover of subscription boxes and learning about new places from around the world, I couldn't help but try out Try the World. Try the World is a subscription box service that allows you to sample foods from a different country each month.

Each month has a theme city and all of the food is from there. Inside each box will also come a pamphlet that tells you a bit about each of the foods included along with where you can get music to listen to that goes with that city and recipes to make with the foods too.

I was fortunate enough to check out the Holiday box which included foods from all different countries. It was really fun to unbox and see where each food came from, plus think of recipes for them all!

So what did we think of Try the World? I would love to get this box every month. It is a fun box for foodies and travelers and it lets you get a little glimpse of different parts of the world. I love experimenting with the ingredients and have even checked out the Try the World online blog where they post recipes there too.

If you want to try out Try the World, make sure to use code WhiskeyLullaby15 for 15% off all gift boxes!