The Return of Worst Cooks in America #WorstCooks

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Watching cooking shows is a fun pastime for my husband and me. It's actually a habit that he started himself and I couldn't help but join in. He loves to see who is cooking what and also see how the finished products turn out. But I think one of his favorite things to do is root for his favorite cook on a competition.

Recently he was introduced to these cooking shows so when new ones start coming out, he's the first to tell me about them!

Food Network is kicking off the New Year with a new season of Worst Cooks in America, the hit competition series that transforms kitchen disasters into skilled cooks, and five-time winner Chef Anne Burrell returning for a rematch against Chef Tyler Florence. Premiering on Sunday, January 3rd at 9pm ET/PT, the seven episode series pits Anne against Tyler, each leading a team of disastrous cooks in an intense kitchen boot camp designed to vastly improve the food skills of their recruits. The contestant who makes the most impressive culinary transformation is awarded a $25,000 grand prize, in addition to delivering victory and bragging rights for their team leader.

In the season premiere, Anne and Tyler are confronted with some of the worst cooks they've ever seen during an open casting call. They then chose fourteen recruits including a lunch lady, truck driver, Army veteran and special education teacher to send to boot camp, and each contestant whips up the “offending dish” that landed them in hot water. After a stomach-wrenching tasting, Anne and Tyler pick their teams and attempt to teach them to make a well-balanced meal. Two recruits are not up to the task, and are sent home. Upcoming episodes feature a game show - style battle called “Family Food,” internationally-flavored empanada and Asian street food challenges and a visit from the competitors’ loved ones.

I personally can't wait to learn more about this show. I really want to see who made the worst meal and see how far they can come to being a better cook. And I bet my husband will have a favorite contestant by the first episode!

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