Join the #BICFightForYourWrite with a Fun Activity for Your Kids!

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Making a diary with BIC pencils

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When was the last time you actually saw your child write something down? Most of the time, kids today just use their phones for everything. It's rare to see a child actually using pens or pencils anymore on anything outside of school. So that's why I love BIC's new initiative to Fight for your Write. On their site, you can sign a pledge to use handwriting throughout your home and community. And for every signature on the pledge, they are donating pens and pencils to AdoptaClassroom. I think this is a wonderful pledge. Handwriting is a beautiful art and it's becoming a lost one now with all our technology. 

Growing up, I had horrible handwriting. But back then, we had to take handwriting in school. So every year I would be embarrassed when the end of the year exam came up. But after trying and practicing for a long time, I finally excelled so much in handwriting that our principal made an announcement to the whole school one year about me and how practicing pays off. I think it's important that children learn handwriting because it gives you a sense of worth and meaning when you can write things down for yourself.

Doodling is amazing for a child's imagination

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BIC was generous enough to send Mary over a notebook and BIC pencils to get her started and her idea was to make a diary. I love that idea and it was so creative! Her diary is full of handwriting and of course pictures of the things she loves. 

If your kids don't really like handwriting, challenge them to find something that includes writing that they would like. Maybe making comics and writing in the speech bubbles! Mary loves to make comics and that's a great way to share handwriting with less willing children.

What are some of your ideas on how to introduce handwriting to kids?