Dryel Makes Freshening Up My Snoods Easier

I am a Dryel Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

Can you believe that it's almost autumn? I still have no idea where most of summer has gone but I'm really looking forward to autumn. It's my favorite time of the year and it always has the best clothes in my opinion! I love wearing tights and leggings, nice wool skirts and boots, jackets and sweaters; the list could go on! But my favorite fashion item right now for autumn would have to be my snoods. 

If you've never seen or heard of a snood, it's basically a longish type hat that you can hide all your hair in. I love wearing them because they cover my ears when it gets cold and helps keep my head warm.

But one problem with snoods is that they are too delicate to wash in a washer. But I still like to freshen them up so they don't get stinky. And for that, I use Dryel. 

Using Dryel with snoods is super simple. Just put the snood in the bag with the Dryel and put it in the dryer. When it's done, you'll have a fresh snood that smells great and will feel so much better on.

Dryel can be used on so much more than just snoods too. You can use it with pretty much any clothing that you need freshened in between washes. I've used it on everything from snoods to my husband shirts and it works every time.

What clothing item for autumn would you use Dryel on?