The Things You Do For Your Animals #CesarHomeDelights

“I’m serving my dog Cesar® home delights™ as part of a sponsored series with Socialstars. #CesarHomeDelights

There are a lot of things in this life that I do to show my animals that I love them. I can honestly say that when my husband bought Mary Roo, I wasn’t too pleased. I hadn’t had a dog in many years and I really didn’t like them at all. And when Roo came home, I didn’t like him either! But after getting to know him and seeing how precious he is, he sort of became my little baby more than Mary’s.

So now I always try to do something sweet for Roo every day. At playtime I love to let him run around the yard and sometimes we play fetch. Fetch is his favorite game and I actually taught it to him too.

At bathtime, he gets a little massage and a rub down. Talk about spoiled right?

And at dinner, Roo gets Cesar® home delights™. Roo has always been a lover of people food but Cesar® home delights™ are so much better for him. They are wet dog food and he eats them so fast that you would think they disappeared by magic!

If you have a picky eating dog that really prefers people food to dog food, I would suggest letting them try Cesar® home delights™. It’s just like giving them a stew and it’s much better for them than real people food. The delicious looking meaty chunks are just one of the elements that make Cesar® home delights™ a tasty treat for your dog.

Cesar® home delights™ became available nationally in local stores on April 1st so make sure to look for them! I’ve already been able to find them in my local supermarket and usually the shelves are almost empty so that means they’re already very popular!

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