Live, Laugh, Love, Aero! #ad

This post was written by our contributing blogger, Shea Winters. Our Whiskey Lullaby serves as an ambassador for Aeropostale. All opinions are our own.

I've been a fan of the beautiful clothes and accessories from Aero for years, fashion being one of the things I've always been passionate about. So being able to tell everyone about them was a dream come true. I decided to pick the items that would showcase my personality the best; fun, flirty, girly, but chic with an air of sophistication. And Aero had just the things that suited me the best!

The skirt was the first thing that had caught my eye, it looked beautiful on the model and I had to try it out for myself. The material is soft, and the cream and poppy field colors they offer it in goes with any complexion. It doesn't bunch up when sitting down (which is always a huge plus!) and it's incredibly versatile, you could wear almost any top with this! Whether you're going for a casual look while you're out with the girls or something cute and put together for date night, this is a perfect piece all around!

Now, I've never been to the west coast, but I had to try out one of Bethany Mota's shirts, and this one was perfect! The material is light-weight and breathable, perfect for those hot summer nights. The way it's cut is flattering on almost every figure, and the color just screams summer. Not only did it go with the skirt I had bought, but I've paired this with everything from high waisted shorts when I was at the beach to cute pairs of pants when I was hanging out around the mall, and I always get asked the same question; “Where did you get that shirt?”

I've always loved watches, and the options that Aeropostale had for them made it so, so hard for me to choose one that I loved more than the other ones. The one I ended up choosing though, is fantastic! The face is beautiful and detailed, the band is comfortable and easy to take on and off. And this one goes with practically every outfit I have, I wear it everywhere!

The rose crown has to be one the cutest things I picked out, it's pretty and flowery and girly and just looks like summer. The circle is adjustable so you never have to worry about it whether or not it'll fit, and it adds an extra little something to almost any outfit. My friends are always asking where I got it and if they can borrow it, I adore it!

I was wary about purchasing the necklace at first, I hardly ever wear any kind of necklace because I've been known to break out because of certain metals in the past, but I had to take a chance on this one, and I haven't had any problems with it at all! The length makes it perfect for a statement piece, and draws attention to any outfit you have on. The design is super sweet and adorable, and I'm incredibly happy with it!

For the backpack, this one will be so difficult for me not to gush over. I love it!! The flamingo design is gorgeous, and the colors are stunning. This one is perfect for either back to school times, or just holding all of your makeup and clothes if you're heading over to a friends house. You can unzip to where the whole front part opens, making it easy to keep things organized and for taking stuff out/packing. This is probably one thing I'll always have with me!

What are some of your favorite pieces from Aeropostale for summer?