The Best Subs in the World! #ReviewCrew @Restaurant_com

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The other day we all woke up early and decided to go plundering in thrift stores. Since we've already seen all the ones in our city, we drove to a neighboring city to see what they had to offer. And while we were there, we stumbled upon the best place to get a fresh homemade sub, bar none! That place is Sub Delites in Calhoun, GA.

I do have to say that from the outside, the place doesn't look like much at all. We were actually going to pass on by but I told my husband to stop and just let me look inside. And when I did, I saw how adorable the place really was! Inside it looks like a little diner and they are very clean too. Plus the customer service was wonderful and the food was amazing!

We each ordered our own sub and they even came with a drink and chips for the combo price which was great! Plus everything is sliced right in front of you so it's super fresh. And the taste was out of this world. I have to say, when I go back to Calhoun, I'll be coming back for lunch!

Something else wonderful about Sub Delites is that they are a part of so they take the gift certificates! Before we left out, I went online and printed out my gift certificate to Sub Delites and just tucked it away until I needed it. Then when I got to the restaurant, I presented it to the server.

Currently they offer two gift certificate denominations in the amount of $10 & $25. So the $10 would take $10 off a $20 bill and the $25 would take $25 off a $50 bill. That's a savings of 50%!

So if you're ever near Calhoun and you're craving subs really bad, then you need to stop on it with a gift certificate!