Introducing a New Playmate to Your Dog

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Back in January, I posted about how our pet duck Aflac had passed away very suddenly. I had also said that we had some eggs and we would hopefully have another baby duck very soon. Well here's here and his name is Barney Boo. In the picture above, he was only two weeks old.

Barney lives full time inside in a diaper now so that meant introducing him to Charlie. Of course in the beginning, Charlie thought he was some sort of really squeaky toy for him! But after Barney nipped him a few times, he understood he was real.

Now they're best friends and pretty much do everything together. And that's a blessing to me since Charlie grieved so badly over Aflac. But now he has Barney so he's not so lonely anymore.

Now Barney is six weeks old and spoiled rotten. He has a daily routine of sleeping in his own bed at the foot of my bed, then waking up to getting a bath and a fresh diaper. Then it's breakfast time! And that is sometimes a chore since Barney likes to eat Charlie's Petcurean food when he's sneaky!

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Charlie eats Petcurean Now Fresh and apparently is also tastes good to ducks! Although it's not made for ducks! So please don't try giving it to poultry! Petcurean Now Fresh has everything a dog needs already in it and it also features zero grains, gluten, wheat, beef, corn, soy, by-products or artificial preservatives.

So although Barney loves Petcurean, it's really best for dogs only! But that doesn't stop him for being spoiled from time to time.

See, I told you he was spoiled. He even has claimed me as his own...