Keeping Your Family Safe in An Attraction

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

This past weekend a very fun event came to our local trade center. It was all about the dinosaurs and had huge lifelike models of them that made sounds and moved. So being the avid dinosaur lover that I am, I proudly told my family that I was going whether they wanted to or not. My husband on the other hand hates dinosaurs so he decided to sit this one out. But Mary wanted to see it all for herself so she came along with me.

The exhibit itself was very big and lots of people were there. So naturally Mary held my hand the entire time. But if we had had family with us, we could have all used Life360. Life360 is an amazing app that helps you check in with family from anywhere you are. With Life360, simply open the app and add people to circles. You also have the ability to add separate circles which allows you to organize your family members based on who you're with at any given time, and they can be short-term, like just while you're traveling together. After you finish that, you instantly see everyone in your private circle on the map.

If some of our family would have come with us today, we could have used our Life360 to check in and be able to find each other easier in the exhibit. Plus we could have checked in with each other to see who had finished what and where we could have met. Life360 is a perfect app for families, especially with Spring break coming up fast.

Overall if you want an easier way to keep tabs on your family and loved ones, I highly suggest downloading Life360. Currently it's available on iOSWindows and Android.