How Will You Spend More Time With Your Kids in 2015?

I am a RIP-IT Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

Ever since Mary was very little, she has always loved sports. Some of her favorites include soccer and basketball, but her favorite is baseball. She's been playing it for years and I can't remember a time that she didn't have a bat lying next to the front door. Of course as a mother of a child who is actually good at sports, it's fun to watch and cheer for her. As a child, I had no coordination so sports were dangerous for me! I was always falling down or over something. But Mary is an excellent player and she loves anything that will get her outside.

Even though sports aren't my thing, I know Mary loves them. And I want to be the type of parent that will be sitting and cheering for my daughter, even though I don't completely understand the game myself. So this year I know I'll be spending a lot of time outside with Mary. No matter the weather, she loves being outside and I want to be out there with her to spend more time with her. 

I recently had the chance to talk with Allen Thompson, the Director of Operations at RIP IT Sporting Goods and this is what he has said about spending more time with his son:

"I always thought the time my son and I spent in the backyard was the most important. I didn't make him go out there. He went out there on his own. He wanted to work on his game and it was fun to watch him go through this drills. It told me a lot about how much he loved playing the game and my presence built a stronger bond between us. That's what RIP IT wants for our players and their parents." - Allen Thompson, Director of Operations at RIP IT Sporting Goods

Since RIP-IT is a family friendly brand, I'm proud to represent them this year as a brand ambassador. And I can't wait to share some fun family stories about Mary and bonding over her sports this year with my readers.