Help Ditch the Habit with Pica Pacifier + Giveaway!

How long did it take your kids to leave their pacifier behind? Mary personally never used a pacifier. That's mostly because from the second she was born, she started sucking on her two front fingers instead. And even through the years, that habit has yet to stop. And a finger sucking habit is hard to break because you can't just throw them away!

I personally was a pacifier baby but my mom always tells about how I got rid of it so easy. One day I just threw it away and never looked back. But not all kids are that lucky to break the habit so easily. So if this sounds like your kids, then they need to check out Pica Pacifier. It's a great new app that helps your kids kick the pacifier habit.

In the app you will learn together how to break the pacifier habit and receive a personalized diploma for your kid saying he is all grown up to share it with your family and friends. You can also play the "Pica Fun" games and watch a 10-minute video in which our expert adviser explains why your toddler should be weaned from his pacifier, when is the best time for weaning, how to wean your child from his pacifier, how to make the weaning process an enjoyable milestone, and what you should avoid when weaning your child from his pacifier.

• 10 story pages containing illustrations and animation
• Awesome interactive objects on every page
• 4 cool games: Pica Puzzle, Pica Eraser, Pica Color and Pica Memory
• Record your own voice so your child can listen to a personalized story
• A 10-minute video featuring our expert clinical child psychologist
• A personalized diploma for your kid
• No advertising
• No in-app purchases

Currently Pica Pacifier is available on iTunesGoogle Play & Amazon for $2.99. Also from the same company, there is Pica Sharing which is a free app that teaches kids about sharing.

Make sure to enter below too for a chance to win a free download of Pica Pacifier! There will be 3 winners!