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Have you ever looked for advice on your pets online? I know I sure have a lot of times with Charlie. When we first brought him home, he was having a lot of trouble eating. And his digestive system was all out of whack from being on a food that he was allergic to. I started looking for all kinds of advice online about how to transition him onto a new food and also just what to give him among other problems he was having. But there were so many different places to look for all that information that it became overwhelming.

Did you know there's a place where you can find all kinds of helpful articles on your pets in the same place? It's the Petbrosia blog and they have articles on everything you can think of.

Here's an example article of something I really could have used when I brought home Charlie. It's all about switching pet foods and how to be careful when doing it. Since Charlie is allergic to a few things, this would have been a great help!

And here's another great article on pet food allergies. This one I actually still can use today because I want to learn more about the allergies that Charlie has. When I was growing up, my dog had allergies to a certain grass and had to have special medicines just so he could go outside!

Also on the Petbrosia blog are lots of success stories about real pets and how they've had success with Petbrosia. I love reading about real pets and their new lives and one that I really loved was Buddy. Buddy was really overweight to the point of not being able to get in bed so his owners switched him over to Petbrosia. Now he's healthier, feels better and looks great again!

If you ever are looking for a great place to find success stories that are uplifting and also advice articles on your pets, then make sure to check out the Petbrosia blog.

And if you want to try Petbrosia for yourself, make sure to use code OWL2014 for a free 3lb box! All you pay is shipping!