Knowing the Correct Car Seat For Your Child #ChiccoKidFit #IC #sponsored

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When Mary was first born, I had no idea about the type of car seat I needed for her. I remember walking into Babies R Us when I was pregnant and being completely overwhelmed. Never in my whole life did I ever see so many car seats and so many choices. And the worst part of it all was that if I got the wrong one, Mary could be hurt. It was then that I started studying and learning the type of seat I needed to take her home. 

One of the best ways I was able to find out the type of seat she would need was to find one that grew with her. Just like the special cribs that can eventually be turned into a bed, there are car seats that can actually grow with your child. The Chicco KidFit Booster Seat grows with your child while protecting them in the car so that is a great choice. And since kids grow so quickly, you'll end up saving money in the long run!

Another problem that new parents can run into is that not all car seats can be installed correctly in all cars. When Mary was born, we had an older car and when we bought her car seat, we realized we couldn't install it the way the manual told us to. Our car was too old and it wouldn't be safe for her. So we had to find a new car seat that would be safe in our older car.

The infographic above is a great way to figure out what kind of car seat your child will need. Mary currently is in a booster seat since she's 7 and she will be for a while. As a child in elementary school, I don't even remember having a booster seat. I always just sat in the backseat, even when I was six years old. Do you know how dangerous that would be now? Children that young can't have a seatbelt across them properly.

Staying up to date about car seats is very important so I encourage everyone who has a young child to make sure their children are in the right car seats for their own safety.