Simple & Pretty Girls' Hair for Hanukkah #NoMoreTangles #ad

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Ever since this summer, Mary has been letting me do things with her hair which is big for her. Since she was little, her hair has always been short but now it's to her mid back. And since it's getting long, I love to experiment with it and see what kind of hairstyles look cute. And I found one that really looks adorable and is pretty enough for a holiday party. And since our winter holiday is Hanukkah, we wanted to share how to do it!

To start, you need to wash your daughter's hair with Johnson's No More Tangles Baby Shampoo and Conditioner. It leaves hair beautiful and easy to manage plus it's paraben-free, phthalate-free and triclosan-free. And the formula is as pure water and gentle to eyes. We personally use the blue bottle which is for thick, curly hair since Mary has very thick wavy hair.

Second, when your daughter is still in the bath, put in a dime sized amount of Johnson's No More Tangles Leave In Conditioner. It controls wild frizz and tangles for silky, shiny hair. And since Mary has lots of tangles from her wavy hair, this is a lifesaver. It also makes brushing hair easier too.

Now let your daughter's hair dry naturally. Once it is, then you can actually start the hairstyle!

Start by spraying your daughter's dry hair with a bit of Johnson's No More Tangles Detangling Spray. It works to instantly unlock knots and tangles to improve manageability for easy trouble-free combing. After spraying, gently comb through hair until it's all untangled.

Next using a brush, take your daughter's hair at the crown and tie back using an elastic tie. Don't take all the hair above the ear though. You will use this later.

Now you can go ahead and clip in a pretty bow to hide the elastic. We chose a blue bow since Hanukkah's main color is blue.

Now take the extra hair above the ear on each side and braid them into the "ponytail" from the elastic. You start with a very loose braid so it just sits lightly on your daughter's head. Then as you go down, make it tighter. Tie off at the end with an elastic.

I came up with this quick and easy holiday hairstyle because for little girls, I love seeing them in big bows! But Mary doesn't like all her hair up at a time. So since she likes to play with her loose hair, I made this hairstyle since it's a bit of a half up half down type. But it's pretty enough to wear with a nice dress for a holiday party.

What do you think of this Hanukkah hairstyle for girls? Is it easy enough for you to try out?