Celebrate Veteran's Day with #Scoops4Troops #ad @BaskinRobbins @the_USO

Compensation for this post was provided by Baskin Robbins via MSB New Media. All opinions expressed in this piece are my own.

As most of my readers know, my husband is an Army man and I am so proud of him. Just last night I was going through some of his old things and found his Army Commendation Medal. I love how dedicated he is and how hard he works when he puts his mind to it.  And both of us love when we see people and companies' paying attention to the work our military does.

So many times today do people take for granted what the members of the military have done for them and that's why we both celebrate Baskin-Robbins and what they have done for this Veteran's Day. On Veterans Day, Baskin-Robbins will donate 10 cents from every ice cream scoop sold in its U.S. locations to the United Service Organization (USO), in honor of U.S troops and veterans! This donation will help the USO fulfill its mission to lift the spirits of America’s troops and their families at hundreds of places around the world and help ensure they have access to the programs and services they need.

If you've never heard of the USO, they are the amazing group that loves to lift the spirits of our military. Whether it's bringing them things they need or even just making them smile, the USO has been around for many years.

If you live around a Baskin-Robbins, I implore you to visit them this Veteran's Day to help support our men and women in action. Plus this month's special flavor is "First Class Camouflage" which makes me want to visit even more to check it out! It features a combination of Chocolate, Salty Caramel, and Cake-flavored ice cream which sounds simply amazing!

Baskin­-Robbins is also committed to supporting veterans through a special veteran incentive program introduced in 2012 for U.S. military veterans seeking to open a Baskin­-Robbins franchise in markets across the U.S. oAs part of the program, the company waives the initial franchise fee of $25,000 for developing a new Baskin-­Robbins location in select markets for qualified, honorably discharged U.S. veterans, making it easier for them to start their own business! And that's something my husband always wanted to do too!

Would you buy a First Class Camouflage cone to help support troops?