Welcoming Fall with FabKids

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As a tradition each fall, our family always goes to a corn maze. Of course my husband loves the thrill of getting lost in one. Personally I love when we finish and I see civilization again. So this year we made a huge day out of welcoming fall!

Our first stop was a lovely 5 mile corn maze. And I'm not going to lie, we made it about half way through before we needed water, really badly.

And how can you go through a corn maze in the fall without apple cider and a funnel cake?

After we made it through the corn maze, we took a hayride through the farm. We were really thankful for the ride!

Then we went to pick some pumpkins for our front yard. Of course Mary wanted to ride in the wheelbarrow so we couldn't resist a cute picture.

And what was Mary wearing during this lovely fall day? Her newest outfit from FabKids, the Aztec Outfit which is brand new for September. I love the bold colors in it and Mary loves how comfy it was for the whole day.

How does your family welcome fall?