Never Eat Ice Cream Without #WaterWipes @WaterWipesUSA #ad

This post is sponsored by WaterWipes and Mommy Bag Marketing. Although I received product and financial compensation, all opinions are entirely my own.

Let's face it, there are so many products out today for babies that it's hard to keep up. When I first had Mary, I didn't really think that there could be bad things in baby products. I mean, who would want to put harmful things in products for infants. So I blissfully went about my own ignorant way of not reading labels at all. But when I did start reading labels, when Mary was about 18 months old, I was shocked at the types of ingredients that are in things. And baby wipes are one of them. 

Have you read the back of typical baby wipes in the store? I have a rule in my house - if I can't pronounce it or if I don't even know what it is, I don't buy it. Why? Because they could be harmful chemicals that aren't needed in your body. 

Recently we found new baby wipes that are chemical free. That's right, they are natural baby wipes
Most baby wipes contain harsh chemicals, even those that are labeled eco-friendly or organic. WaterWipes are the only baby wipes containing absolutely no chemicals. Plus they are the only baby wipes ever to be approved by the Independent Allergy UK. And that's a relief to me since Mary has eczema so I know she can use them without any problem.

The other weekend we decided to put them to the test to see if they could also clean up other messes, like a child full of ice cream in a toy store...

And they passed our test wonderfully!

Other than cleaning up ice cream messes, did you know they can help prevent diaper rash too? If you want to learn more about Water Wipes, then make sure to follow their social accounts.