Enjoying a Meal With My Little Girl

I remember since I was a kid, McDonald's was always a place I looked forward to going to. It was always a special treat to me because I got to have a cheeseburger, a toy and place on the playground. What more could a kid ask for? I remember one time in particular when I was in the second grade, my grandfather picked me up from school as a surprise. I hopped in his truck and we drove off to McDonald's where he bought me a Happy Meal and let me play on the playground until my heart was content. That day is one I still remember almost twenty years later so today I decided to make a memory with Mary and take her to McDonald's; just the two of us.

After running a few of my errands, I pulled up to McDonald's. Mary honestly wasn't paying any attention until I turned the car off and she turned around to see we were in the McDonald's parking lot. Then the excitement began!

Of course today was Wednesday so that meant $1.99 Kids’ Meals so even more reason to be happy! But I think Mary was super happy because they had My Little Pony toys in stock this time.

After placing our order and getting our drinks, we decided to sit outside at the play area since it was a beautiful day today. And Mary just couldn’t wait to get on the playground. I was just enjoying being with her and soaking up some sun in the process!!

After finishing her entire cheeseburger and fries, she headed on to the playground while I sat and watched. I think my favorite part of the playground at our McDonald's is that is outside so you can soak up the sun while the kids play. I love sitting in the ssun on a comfortable day and today was just perfect. Especially with my Shamrock shake in hand!

Affter Mary was completely tired, she told me today was an awesome day. And I think that’s all I ever wanted to hear from her. I love being able to make memories with her and today will always be in my mind, just like that day with my grandfather twenty years ago.

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