What Music Means To Me #GuitarGiveaway

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Has music ever been a huge part of your life? At one point in my life, music was what completely held me together. It was what a lived and breathed and a day without singing was misery to me. That was my life as a teenager who was on the stage. 

This picture was shot during our rehearsals for Titanic the Musical. As you can see the stage wasn't quite done yet but this was our lovely cast. If you've never been on the stage before, I do have to say that once you are with the same exact people day in and day out, you grow to be like a huge family. 

When I would finish school for the day, I would have to head over to rehearsals and that's where I would stay until about midnight. And believe me, I was tired every single day. But it was worth it to see everything we accomplished. 

When you're on the stage, you eventually get a "stage family" and I think the hardest thing is when you have to say goodbye when the show finally closes. When Titanic closed and the set was torn down, many of us if not all shed tears because we had been working together for a very long time. But something we all had to look forward to was being able to tryout for another upcoming musical and getting a new stage family again. 

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