Our Memorial Day Weekend

This weekend instead of doing the typical barbecue thing that most people do on Memorial Day, we decided to do something a bit different. Mary wanted to make it special so she wore her new outfit, the Tie Dye Girl Outfit, from FabKids. Since last month she was sitting in a cast for a while, she was glad to be back outside. You couldn't tell by the way she was posing right?

Of course after seeing Mary pose a few times, Aflac decided that she wanted to pose by the roses too. 

She's just a tad bit rotten, right? Well after everyone was done posing, we took a nice long ride into the next state and then stopped to have some Italian food. Not a typical thing to do on Memorial Day but having real Italian pizza and cheesecake beats grilling out in my opinion.

And the smile on Mary's face makes the day totally worth it.