Keep Bird Allergies at Bay with @Filtrete #HealthierHome #Ad

I am a Filtrete Home Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

Since I have fifteen birds that live in the house, I have to constantly keep the house clean because of their lovely mess. Parakeets typically make more of a mess with their seed and hulls; pushing them out all over the floor on a daily basis. But cockatiels are a bit different. Their type of mess is mainly with their feather dust. And no, I'm not talking about some magical pixie dust.

You see, all birds prune themselves all day long and to do that, they need a powder that their bodies make to help get them clean. Cockatiels make a very fine powder but a lot of it so when they shake or fluff their feathers, you can literally see the powder come up from them. And as you can guess, that gets in your air all day long.

Now just look at this face. I could never give him away because he makes a powder, but that doesn't mean I can't help control it. Since it really is possible to become allergic to birds and their powder over time, I have started to use Filtrete Allergen Defense. Each filter lasts up to three months and is designed to help control dust, lint, pollen and pet dander.

By using a Filtrete filter, it will help reduce airborne allergens in our home and clean indoor air by capturing dust, pollen and lint from the air passing through the filter. And that will help us to lower the amount of powder from the birds that is in the air daily.