Food Is Love #HillsPet

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The one constant in our pet’s life is that they rely on us as pet parents to feed them every day. Beyond the daily routine of feeding our pets their food because they “need” it, we want to feed them to show how much we love them. It’s so easy for us to express our love for our pets through food. Unfortunately, sometimes our “love” can lead to excess weight gain that can, over time, lead to health issues. Has this ever happened to you? It sure did with our Pug sumo! When we first got him, he was young, healthy and full of energy. And not to mention adorable. No one could resist giving him treats for doing absolutely nothing and how can you pass up giving him people food when he made those cute little faces? So our once young and healthy pug became a sluggish beggar.

Of course, we all want our pets to live as long as they can while being healthy and having a good quality of life. It’s not easy to look at our pets through different eyes to see, “Is the puppy a little thicker than he should be?” It’s even harder to admit that, “Maybe I am responsible for that.” But, when you redefine love it’s easy to embrace feeding a food that is beneficial to your pet, and you’re still providing all the love for him that you always have.

Even if you pet is a little thicker than they used to be, you can still “love” them while feeding them a weight loss food like Hill's® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution. This food truly is guilt-free! And the best part is that your pet can lose weight without feeling deprived of your love. Hill's® Prescription Diet® Metabolic Advanced Weight Solution works directly with your pets' body to help them get a higher metabolism that can burn off their excess weight easier.

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