Tender Care for After Shaving

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

As being a redhead, I have to shave daily. Mostly because red hair is very noticeable. But do you know how bad that is for your skin? Shaving daily takes a huge toll on your skin. I personally know that if you shave too often, your armpits will be red and blotchy. At least that's what happens with mine.

No one should have to chose between being hairy or blotchy. That's why Dove has come out with Advanced Care with Nutrium Moisture. Since shaving is a mandatory part of a beauty routine, using Dove with Nutrium Moisture can fix the damage done by a razor and restore beauty by healing and protecting your sensitive skin. Plus it offers 48 hour protection!

So why not change the way the world sees the armpit? Let's make them look beautiful again!