Share Videos and Photos Easily with Blendit

We've all had it happen. You come home to listen to your messages and half of them are from your mother, asking why she never gets pictures of the kids anymore. Seriously, this was my house when I was growing up. It got so bad with my grandmother that we started screening our calls! But now you don't have to hide in the corner from the relatives desperate for pictures! Send them to their phones from Blendit!

BlendIt,is a new private photo and video-sharing app that connects your photos from Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, and your phone with an exclusive group of anyone who wants to check out your pictures. BlendIt makes it easy and fun to share photos and videos privately with friends and family.Simply download the app and choose the shots you want to share. Next, invite who you would like to join you in your private blend via Text, Facebook,Contacts, or email. Once they’re set up, they’ll see those pics on their computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Use your shared photos and videos to collaborate and create movie mash ups, collages, and albums. Keep your masterpieces private, or share on your social media networks for everyone to enjoy! I absolutely love how easy it is to make an album to share! Most of us have hundreds if not thousands of pictures on our phones so actually sorting them into albums to share is awesome!

Features of BlendIt Include: 

  • Collaborate anytime, anywhere via mobile, tablets, laptop, desktop... BlendIt covers it all! 
  • Add photos and video from mobile, tablet, desktop, webcam, Facebook Albums, Instagram, Picasa Albums, Google+, YouTube Channels... BlendIt makes it easy! 
  • Create movie mash ups with just a few clicks: Select your favorite shared photos and videos in the order that you like them and BlendIt will automatically create a movie with a music track of your choice! 
  • Create beautiful photo collages: Our collage is the perfect size to be used as the banner of your Facebook Page. 
  • Share (add) to your existing social media accounts and albums: BlendIt provides seamless integration into your existing social media. You can add photos and videos right into your existing social networks, like Facebook, Fwd: Connect Blend and Share with New Photo and Video Sharing App!Google+ or Picasa, with just a click! 
  • BlendIt is perfect for: Family Vacations, holidays, baby showers, birthday parties, school events, and virtually any shared interest or activity you can imagine!
BlendIt is available for free on Google Play and iTunes so make sure to download it today for easy sharing!