Make Sure to Take Care of Your Pets

About two weeks ago, I wrote about how Woody our Zebra Finch caught pneumonia. After going to the vet twice and giving him lots of medicines, he ended up passing away last week. You honestly would never know how much you love such a tiny creature until they are suddenly taken from you. Our entire family grieved for days, including my husband who really loved Woody too. And the finch cage looked so bare with only Speckles in there.

So after a week, we contacted the breeder that had Woody and we got a cousin of his. Of course he will never replace Woody, but it helps fill the void we were all feeling.

This little zebra finch in the picture is the new Lil' Woody. He is almost identical to our original Woody, plus he does weird stuff like Woody used to do too. No wonder he comes from Woody's lineage! Tonight I even caught him sitting on my dinner table, trying to eat a piece of spaghetti on a plate!

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