Making Your To-Do List Easier

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Some people think that working at home is much easier than working in an office. You don’t have to get up early in the morning, no commutes, and no wearing suits. You could work in your pajamas if you wanted to. But even though there are great benefits to working at home, it’s just as hard as working in an office. Especially if you have kids at home at the same time!

My daughter is home-schooled so along with me working at home, I home-school her too so my schedule is super busy every day. And I could never get through a day without my to-do list. My husband actually likes to joke around with me because I do my list in order every day, but it’s just because I like to be efficient and complete.

When I make out my to-do list daily, I use a few simple tips to make sure I am doing everything I need to do. Here are some tips that will hopefully help you out:
  1. List the quick tasks first. When I complete a lot of quick tasks in the beginning of the day, it makes the longer ones seem to go faster. 
  2. Before doing anything, return emails and phone calls. Something I can’t stand is an unanswered email, especially weeks after sending it. Every morning before I do anything, I answer emails and send them out too. 
  3. When you’re running errands, start with the places closest to your house and work your way out. That way you save on gas too instead of driving all around. 
  4. Load all your checks with Ingo Money in the beginning of the day. Ingo Money is a mobile app that lets you load funds from checks to a participating Prepaid card. Once you’ve enrolled a participating Prepaid card, just take a picture of your check with your smartphone to send to Ingo Money. You can choose to pay a small 1% or 4% fee depending on the check type (with a $5 minimum fee) to load the funds to your card in minutes, or you can wait 10 days to load the funds to your card for free if the check does not return unpaid. Ingo Money reviews all checks for approval prior to loading the funds; if approved, the funds are yours to keep and will not be reversed even if the check bounces. 
  5. Actually write your tasks down on a list! I know this sounds obvious, but don’t just make mental notes. A real list helps things get done quicker. 
  6. Make sure to keep your budget in your to-do list. That way you know what bills are coming up to pay soon.  

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