Look & Cook App

Are you a visual person when it comes to cooking? I honestly can't use a cookbook that doesn't have pictures because I want to make sure my recipe comes out looking perfect. So pictures, especially step by step are helpful to me. And that's just what you get with Look & Cook! Look & Cook is like having your own private sou-chef. With step by step instructions,  stunning, close-up images and videos, it will help you make the most delicious meals. Within each recipe you can find a list of hand-selected accessories and gadgets available for in-app purchase, for perfect, professional looking dishes.

With each step inside the recipes, you get awesome pictures that show just what your food needs to look like. This is the best designed food/cooking app I never expected to see. The videos are clear and well shot and better than any show or school for up close techniques and processes. The recipes are broken down in a beautifully visual manner and make it clear for the tenuous home chefs and for the tyrants in the kitchen. It's a pleasure to go through these recipes for an inspired meal!

Here are some of the great features:

  • It's foolproof: every step of the cooking process is explained and demonstrated. 
  • Relaxing: no more stress over timing with our recipe-integrated Multi-timers. 
  • It's a kitchen-hacker: learn dozens of professional cooking techniques, tips and tricks. 
  • It's Just right: find recipes for specific events from a romantic dinner to lunch for the kids.
So if you like to cook and see mouth watering photos, plus have the convenience in buying gadgets straight from the app to make the perfect recipe, then you need to check out Look & Cook. Right now it's free in iTunes to make sure to check it out!