Have You Ever Played Bingo Bash?

I think most people have sweet memories of playing bingo at one point during their childhood. I personally went to a private school so on the days we could come in to school without a uniform on, we usually had fun days with games. And one game we always played was bingo. The entire class always looked forward to playing bingo especially for the prizes we could get. I mean, any kid is going to want some candy right?

Bingo is a great game for kids, especially younger ones because it helps them recognize numbers early. When we played bingo is school, we were old enough to know our numbers, but it was still helpful for learning patience!

Bingo sets are also made for kids that have pictures too just in case your little ones are too small for numbers. Plus bingo isn't just for the kiddies either because mom and dad can play along with them. And for added fun, you can add prizes for family night at home!

If your family loves to play bingo, then they need to check out Bingo Bash, which has quickly become the #1 bingo in the world with more than a 1.5M users playing game every day across platforms and still growing fast. It works across platforms so people can play with each other across Facebook, iPhones, iPads and Android.

They also just released their Valentine's Room. A patent pending bingo game called Sweethearts Bridge where a correct daub builds a bridge to bring two sweethearts together. And that's not the only kind of bingo they have either. Currently they have over 341 levels!

So if you're looking for a fun new game to play, then check out Bingo Bash.