Big Dreams, Serious Sleep

I was compensated to host this giveaway. All opinions are my own.

All parents are proud of their kids and have big dreams of what they could be when they grow up. When I first had Mary, I dreamed that she would follow in my footsteps and love singing as much as I do. She's such a little actress so I know she would be perfect on stage. And since that was my home away from home, she would fit right in. 

But as Mary got older, I noticed that instead of liking the theater like I do, she loves to play outside and play sports. And her favorite season to play everything in? Winter of course!

So that got me thinking, why couldn't Mary grow up to be in the Winter Olympics one day? I think she would be amazing at the Luge! She loves going fast and just having a lot of fun!

Right now Marpac, the makers of Dohmie, are having a Facebook contest called Big Dreams, Serious Sleep. The contest asks participants to submit a photo (and caption) of their child or grandchild (aged 0-10) which answers the question: What type of Winter Olympics athlete might your child grow up to be? 

There will be three winners each day of the Olympics (that’s 51 winners!) who will receive a Dohmie Serious Sleep Baby Bundle (includes Marpac’s white noise machine the Dohm-NSF, a children’s storybook and a sleep 101 brochure), as well as one grand prize winner who will receive a $250 Toys “R” Us gift card! Make sure to enter here!

Every good dream starts with a good night sleep so we were able to check out the Dohmie with Mary. Since our entire family has to have some sort of white noise to fall asleep, this was a blessing! Most of the time, we run a fan so we can sleep but with the Dohmie, we can sleep in style!

Would you like to win a Dohmie to try out for yourself? Enter below for your chance!