Winter Health Tips

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With so much of the country covered in snow, I wanted to write about a few ways to shake away the winter blues and keep healthy with everything so cold outside!

1. In the winter, the sun goes down quicker. And your body responds to that naturally so going to bed earlier will help you feel energized.
2. Tea is a huge benefit for your body. Did you know that green tea can help prevent the flu and black tea can help prevent coronary heart disease? Plus it helps you warm in the winter so stock up on some.
3. Spices do wonders for the body. Nutmeg can help encourage sleep, turmeric can help low level depression, and cilantro can help with digestion. So when your cooking, add the spices on!
4. Eating yogurt daily can reduce your risk of high blood pressure, help prevent osteoporosis and can help with constipation.
5. Break your multivitamin in half and take one after breakfast and the other half after dinner. 

I hope these tips help you to stay healthier this cold winter season!