So How Much Did I Lose? Try And Find Out! #SlimFastChallenge

This is a sponsored campaign. All opinions are my own.

Two weeks ago I announced that I was taking the Slim Fast Challenge to lose weight this new year. I've been using them for two weeks now including the meal bars and the snack bars which are very addicting! Along with eating one healthy meal a day, I was able to lose 5 pounds!

I know 5 pounds might not be a lot to some people but for me it is. My health isn't very good and I take more medicines a day than my 60 year old dad and I'm only 25. But in all honesty, I wasn't healthy enough to have children and almost died having Mary. And ever since I gave birth to her, I knew my health would never be the same but my want for a child was greater than my want for perfect health.

So using the Slim Fast Challenge, I've been able to get rid of some pounds put on by my thyroid problems. And I'm feeling good about myself again! Plus I love that everything is so delicious! My personal favorite is the meal replacement bar in the cookie dough flavor. That is so amazing I could eat them all day!

Are you looking to lose some weight this year? Then check out the Slim Fast Challenge and lose up to 6 pounds in two weeks! And make sure to join me for the Slim Fast Challenge Twitter Party on January 21 at 8PM EST with @ResourcefulMom