How to Stay Safe on Twitter

I am a HotSpot Shield Ambassador. All opinions are my own.

Everyone is pretty much on social media these days but most of us don't know all of our friends. If your social media accounts aren't private, then they are open to anyone to read, especially twitter. So if you want to stay protected, here's a few ways to stay safe.

1. Watch What You Say
Tweets are completely public unless you have a protected account. So when you're leaving the house or doing something, don't start tweeting about it. You have no idea who's reading.
2. Scan The Links You Click
Most people use link shorteners on Twitter so it's hard to tell what's spam or not. Make sure to scan your links first before opening them!
3. Watch for Suspicious Activity
Accounts can be compromised easily. If you start getting spammy messages, ignore them and never click the links.
4. Hashtags Make Tweets Easier to Find
Remember when you're tweeting that using hashtags makes it easier to find your messages.
5. Log Out Of Your Phone When Done
If you check your social media accounts on your phone, make sure to log out because you never know who can access your phone and your information.
6. Keep Your Computer's WiFi Protection Up to Date
Spammers and hackers use a lot of tricks to make sure to keep your WiFi protection up to date with HotSpot Shield. You can even put this on your phone. So make sure to download it for free!

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