How Operation Smile Works With Campus Book Rentals

When I was growing up, I had a very good friend named Wade. He went to our family's church and he was such a sweet boy. But he had one problem and his mom couldn't afford to fix it. He had a cleft lip and he was always very embarrassed about it too. I never minded because at the time I was about twelve years old and I didn't see people for their outward appearances. I just saw him as my friend, but I'm sure he saw it in himself since he was a little bit older than me.

There's not many children that suffer from cleft problems in the United States because they're usually fixed when the child is very young. But in other parts of the world, sometimes that's just not possible due to lack of resources, finances, etc. So that's why Operation Smile opened it's doors thirty years ago to help all children have a better life.

If you've never seen a child with a cleft deformity, then I suggest you watch the video below about Thalita. She's the sweetest little girl and the video shows the day before surgery, and her reaction afterwards the next day when she sees her face for the first time.

Operation Smile is an amazing company to donate to so you can help kids all around the globe. And other companies have even joined in donating to Operation Smile as well. CampusBookRentals for example donates to Operation Smile with every textbook rented! And most recently, CampusBookRentals just started a new program called RentBack which allows students to rent their textbooks out to other students and get paid every time for it. So with all these rentals, you can only imagine how much their able to donate to Operation Smile!

So if you're a college student and either you need a certain textbook or you want to rent out your own textbooks, I suggest doing it with CampusBookRentals so you can also help save kids lives in the process.