Don't Make the Same Mistake Twice with PickURGift #ad

Have you ever gotten a gift that made you give this face? Yeah, I think we all have...

I'm probably not the only one in this boat. Did you get a gift that kind of just made you scratch your head? Or maybe you gave a gift to someone who didn't get that glint in their eyes like you were hoping. Either way, you don't want the same mistake to happen twice do you? Then next time you're giving gifts, you need to use PickURGift

PickURgift is a reverse wishlist which is a list of gifts created by the gift giver to offer someone they are shopping for to choose from. It's a totally genius idea because you can get everyone exactly what they want!

Adding People To Your Contacts
 It's very simple to add people to your contacts in your account. Just fill in their information, upload an optional picture and your finished. You can also add optional birthdays and anniversaries so you never miss a date for gifts.

Create a Gift Page
With pickURgift, you will make wishlists of things you would like to give your contacts. Once you have your contacts set, you can also drag the pickURgift button to your bookmark bar so you can shop from whatever site you're on.

Adding Gifts For People
When you're shopping around online and you see something you like, all you need to do it click on your UR button on your bookmark bar. A pop up window will come up and from there you can choose who you want to gift the item to and you can chose if the picture is correct. Like my screen below is a pair of boots from Anthropologie for my mom since she loves boots like crazy. I put her name in for the recipient and it will go to her gift page.

You don't have to add all your gift ideas in one day either. You can do it periodically when you see things too and then when you're ready, you can send your list to the recipient for their thoughts.

So the next time you're giving gifts, don't make it a gift nightmare! Make it a gift to remember with PickURGift! And if you're one of the unlucky ones who did get an awful gift this year, then enter below for a chance to get a $200 Amazon Gift card to buy what you really did want!