The 2014 KIA Cadenza

I've tested out a lot of Kia's for years but when the new 2014 Cadenza pulled up in my driveway, I could tell it was like no other I had driven before. The Cadenza is a very beautiful luxury type car and it stands out from all the rest of the Kia cars.

From the moment that I turned the car on, I was completely in love. The car itself is two toned inside and even has suede around the top. There are hideaway compartments inside too which is very nice. The compartments are wooden looking as well so it gives it a great look.

Right down to the dash, the Cadenza resembles higher end cars. When I sat inside, I even remarked that it looked like a Chrysler inside. And it drove just as well as it looked. It had a beautiful smooth ride and the gas mileage was amazing. It got around 35mpg for me which was great!

The backseat had plenty of room and the trunk was very big too. I went grocery shopping and had lots of room for everything I had.

Overall I was completely impressed with the Cadenza and I would honestly buy it. It's a wonderful car and it makes you feel like you are riding in luxury!