Learning with Common Core Standards Thanks to #channelonenews @ChannelOneNews

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Channel One News. All opinions expressed here are my own.

Mary has been home-schooled for two years now and right now we're getting to the point of making her lessons more in depth. We learn at her pace though because something I never liked about school was that if you were lost, the teacher still had to go ahead the next day to keep up with her schedule. But I make Mary's schedule so I make sure that she understands what we are doing before moving ahead. 

One of the things we've been learning a lot about is history, especially in our area so with the help of Channel One News, we were able to start a nice lesson on Gettysburg with their video below.

Did you know that Channel One News has a video library which includes written transcripts of their videos? They are also all aligned to CCSS so even if your kids are in public school you can still help teach them about the news at home in a way they will already understand.

Here is just a short excerpt from the video about Gettysburg above:
Maggie: It is Geo Week, where we get to see if you can guess where in the world is Channel One! We are throwing it over to Tom Hanson who is going to put your geography skills to the test with a story about an important anniversary today.
Overall thanks to Channel One News, I've been able to add the news into Mary's lessons because she understands the dialogue and it keeps her interested.

If you've never tried sharing the news with your kids or don't even know where to start, then check out Channel One News and register as a parent. Make sure to choose "parent" in the drop down  so you can get to the home use section when you login!