Keep Your Family Safe with React Mobile

For anyone who has ever felt scared being alone or in an unfamiliar place, I have the perfect app for you. React Mobile helps you feel safe and secure knowing that help is only a button push away.

When I was a little girl, I remember that I was walking in a store with my mom and aunt. It was getting late and we were ready to start heading home, but a group of men started following behind us. It really scared my mom and she told us to start walking faster, but they did too. I'll never forget how scared my mom and I were because we knew they were only up to no good. Finally my aunt turned around and whipped out her police badge to them. After that, they scattered and left us alone. But what if my aunt hadn't have had a police badge in her purse? How would we have called for help at all?

With React Mobile, if you are going somewhere and you feel unsafe or in danger, you can alert your contact and also authorities. Simply add your points of contact in and if you feel unsafe or are in danger, you can choose who you want to get your alerts.

And sometimes you don't need to send out an immediate SOS, but if you feel unsafe and want someone to watch out for you, you can hit the follow me button and your chosen contacts can watch you moving in real time through GPS.

Another wonderful feature is that if you are ever in immediate danger or witness a crime, you can simply press for 911. Would you like to learn more about React Mobile? Check out this amazing video!

Currently you can get the app on iTunes and Google Play for free so what are you waiting for? Download it now!