Gathering Gems with Jade Monkey

If you like Tetrus style games, then you're sure to love Jade Monkey. The game itself takes place in a rain-forest where you have to search for gold coins and gems. Then you simply swap them around to make like groups of the same gems. Stone glyphs suggest that the temple contains six magical powers, and match-making adventures - but beware the deadly magic guarding the Temple Treasure!

If you remove lots of gems at the same time, you will unlock power-ups. And there are lot of achievements and challenges you can work towards too. You can also play head to head on the game center too. Along with being able to play head to head with other players, the game has a lot of other great features like being a classic style game that most people love. Plus the graphics and colors are amazing and eye popping! And the sound effects are really fun for anyone!

My husband loves these types of games so right now this is on his phone. And as I write this, he is trying to beat it. It's addicting, believe me! He's been playing it for days and is obsessed with getting the badges. Currently Jade Monkey is available on iTunes for free for a limited time.