Having a Happy Holiday with @ToyState

I am a Toy State Ambassador and was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

Last month we shared about how Mary loves to play with cars. So for the holidays, she was able to get another big batch of Toy State toys to explore! This has been the highlight of the season for her and she is thrilled to keep getting more!

The first toy she found in her box was the Road Rippers Lightning Blast Volkswagon T1 Bus. This little toy is adorable because it makes lights and sounds so Mary has been playing with it on her train table a lot.

The next toy was the CAT 980K Wheel Loader. This one was very realistic and was a cute addition to her truck collection!

Next was the Road Rippers Street Beatz and this was so fun! It played music, had pulsating speakers and was motorized. And it came with batteries in it! Plus for that!

After that, she found the Road Rippers RC Mustang. This was very beautiful and had a remote control to go with it. Mary loves to play with the remote control cars and she races them all through the house a lot!

And lastly, we got the CAT Construct Dough set! This was Mary's favorite this time and she had a lot of fun stamping out road signs and making a construction area.

Mary did need a little help though pressing the dough through the truck only because it's a big push you need to make it come all the way through! But with me helping, she made some signs and road work!

She did pretty good for a six year old! Overall we were really impressed with the toys we got for the holidays and we can safely say that they would make great gifts! If you have kids who love cars, Toy State is your best bet for the holidays!