Aflac the Diapered Duck

Since my last post on ordering Aflac's diapers, I've had so many thoughtful comments and questions about her. So I wanted to give everyone another update on how she's doing since coming into the house about a week ago.

She's really become a lap duck and she loves to be kissed and held. Here's her normal schedule through the day. She eats outside on the back deck and also gets her diaper changes out there as well just in case she has an accident. When I change her diaper, she also gets a bath too to make sure nothing stuck to her feathers. Then she gets a fresh diaper and I open up the back door and she goes in on her own. I clean up a bit outside and she waits for me to know I'm safe and then she'll go to her bed in the living room which consists of a thick blanket, a pillow, and a stuffed toy.

She really is a precious little duck and I would have never known how wonderful a pet she could be unless I had brought her inside.