Using Play2Shop to Earn Points and Get Cash Back During the Holidays

When I first found out I was pregnant with Mary, I was always on the internet. Mostly because I was a high risk pregnancy and I couldn't walk a lot so sitting at the computer was a way I could rest. But while I would sit there and do pretty much nothing, I wanted to figure out how my time on the internet could benefit me.

So eventually I found my way into playing games and shopping online for points. There are a lot of places out there but I never joined anywhere I had to pay. I liked just playing games and doing random things to get points that eventually could be cashed out for things.

I used those sites even after I gave birth to Mary and would sit for hours playing on them to relax. And I got a lot of nice things from them too including lots of gift cards and products all for free.

Most recently I found another great site called Play2Shop which lets you play games completely free that earn points on their site. The points add up and then you can cash out for prizes or bid on things you want. I started playing a few of the games on there and let me tell you, it's addicting! But it's a nice way to relax and actually earn things from just having good old fun.

If you haven't signed up with them, I suggest you do! Especially since below you can enter to win $50 to cashout on Paypal on their site! That will get you even closer to giving something awesome for the holidays! Plus with Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, if you shop at stores through your Play2Shop account, like Ebay and Kmart, you get 10% cashback! What a great way to save during the holidays!