Making a Guest Toilet Paper Holder for the Holidays #CottonelleHoliday #PMedia #ad

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Let's face it, most people don't change out their toilet paper rolls when they're empty. And by most people, I mean men. My husband for instance never changes out the empty toilet paper roll and pretty much will unroll the new one by hand until I stumble into the bathroom and getting annoyed enough to change it myself. He is clever at pushing my buttons, isn't he? 

But other than my husband never changing the roll, most guests don't want to either. I mean, when you have guests over, I don't want them going through my cabinets in search of toilet paper that's hidden where they can't see. But I also want to make sure to have enough toilet paper in the bathroom for them to use so I don't have to keep constantly changing the rolls! So what's an attractive way to keep toilet paper in eyes view?

Tonight my daughter and I ended up making a Guest Toilet Paper Holder for Hanukkah. It's simple to make and it makes keeping toilet paper in sight actually attractive!

Our first step was to head to Target to buy a pack of Triple Roll Cottonelle Toilet Paper. That way my guests wouldn't run out of toilet paper so fast.

Also, when I got the toilet paper, I had a nifty coupon that let me get a free box of Kleenex too! So I headed on over to get that too because I love getting stuff for free! You too can use the coupon while supplies last! This coupon is only good at Target and it's if you buy a Cottonelle Triple Roll 12 Pack or Larger then you'll get a free pack of Kleenex!

Then after grabbing the essential toilet paper, I went to the Hanukkah aisle and had a blast! It's really rare that you can find Hanukkah stuff in stores anymore so I pretty much bought everything I wanted! Then I was off to my house to make our guest toilet paper holder!

So here's everything I needed to make my guest toilet paper holder for Hanukkah. Hanukkah wrapping paper, foam stickers, regular stickers, blue ribbon, scissors, tape, and an old box that can be re-purposed.

The first step was to cover the old box with Hanukkah wrapping paper. Then using clear tape, you just tape it to the inside so no one can see.

Then using the foam stickers and regular Hanukkah stickers, I decorated it so it's more inviting to guests and they know it's for them!

Then the last step was to tie a blue ribbon around it and stack my Cottonelle Triple Roll in! Now if a guest runs down to an empty roll, they have some more right behind them! No more embarrassed guests and no more changing rolls!