The #HelloAgain Lincoln Event in Atlanta

Our Whiskey Lullaby was invited to attend the #HelloAgain Lincoln Event in Atlanta and sent Pam Wattenbarger from Just Like June to cover the event for us. This post was written by her and all her opinions are her own!

When I thought of Lincoln automobiles I thought of my grandparents and their oversized automobiles. After attending the #HelloAgain Lincoln event in Atlanta, I have completely changed my mind. We were introduced to the Lincoln MKZ, the MKZ Hybrid and the MKZ crossover. The MKZ is a complete luxury vehicle, complete with intelligent all wheel drive and a blind spot information system featured on each of the mirrors, alerting us to potential hazards as we drove.

I was given an opportunity to take a driving tour of mid-town Atlanta, along with a stop at the trendy Parish Food and Goods. We started our tour in the MKZ Hybrid during rush hour traffic on a cold and drizzly day. The extra amenities, including heated seats in front and back, along with dual climate controls for the driver and passengers came in handy as we all had a different idea of what the temperature should be in the car. Did I mention the MKZ Hybrid not only looks like a luxury vehicle, it has impressive gas mileage at 45 miles per gallon? I chose not to drive but asked our driver if he could tell a difference between driving the hybrid and a regular MKZ and he said he could not, it drove just as smoothly.

After our detour at Parish Food and Goods where we met with the owner of Pork Clouds, an upscale reinvention of the classic Pork Rind, we headed back to our destination in the MKZ Crossover, a sleekly designed vehicle capable of holding seven passengers comfortably with plenty of legroom and storage room. Plenty of luxury options were included in the Crossover we enjoyed, leather seats, voice controlled navigation and radio and AdvanceTrac with curve control, which helps control the vehicle in case a curve is taken just a smidgen too fast.

I arrived back at the Hello Again Hub with a completely changed view of Lincolns. No longer do I consider them my grandparent’s vehicle, but something I would be proud to drive around town. Have you checked out the new Lincolns?