The 2014 Kia Soul

Last year, I was able to review the 2013 Kia Soul right before we went on a car trip. And I have to say that it really wasn't my favorite car so when I was asked to review the all new 2014 Kia Soul, I really wasn't sure at first. But after riding in it for a week, I saw that the only thing it had in common with the 2013 was the outside doors!

I was amazed at how smooth the ride was in the Soul. It really felt comfortable and it was very stylish too. And after a huge shopping trip, I was surprised at just how much I could get in the trunk too! It's safe to say that my husband was equally impressed too. So much in fact that he said he hated to see it go.

The 2014 Kia Soul also had a nice double sunroof that my daughter enjoyed a lot. Plus it was very roomy in the backseat! Mary had no problem making herself completely comfortable. I especially enjoyed how the car told you just how much gas was left too. I watch that more than I watch the actual gauge now. And my husband had a fit over the color changing modes on the doors.

So would I buy the Kia Soul? Yes I would and my family completely agreed with me. They all hated to see it go and were very impressed with everything about it. It did a complete 360 from the 2013 model and I'm glad to say that it's improved greatly!