The 2013 Toyota RAV4

Last week, we had the pleasure of testing out our first Toyota! Since my parents had a Toyota when I was a little girl, it was fun for me to see how far they've come since then!

In the 2013 RAV4, I was very impressed to see that it was two toned inside! A gorgeous black and bronze color ran throughout the entire car, including the seats. My husband said this was his favorite feature because it made the car look very stylish. I personally loved all the normal features as well like the side mirrors that alert you when a car is too close.

The RAV4 also had a full sunroof and an open compartment in the passenger's side where you could put things. This compartment was honestly such a little improvement but it was huge to me. As a passenger, you never really have enough places to put things like your cell phone, maps, etc. This compartment was amazing and all cars need one!

So my overall thoughts on the RAV4? It was an amazing car and did great on gas. I didn't see any features that I disliked and it was a beautiful and comfortable ride. And out of all the cars we have reviewed since 2011, my husband says this one was his favorite, and we've reviewed Cadillacs! We were both very sad to see it go and I hope to have another Toyota in my driveway soon.