Do You Have Foot Pain? Try These Two Remedies

A few months ago, I started having a lot of foot pain in both feet. My pain is mostly when I have walked during the day, and it's my arches and also my heels that hurt badly. But most recently,  the pain has become so intense that I had to go back to my podiatrist. Of course, my regular readers remember my toe surgery last year around this time.

After a series of x-rays, my podiatrist told me that I have an extra bone in each of my feet and it's been putting pressure on my feet. So either I will need to take it easy and wear special shoes or have surgery to remove the bones. And since I can't be put to sleep anymore, I have been searching for comfort for my feet and so far have found two solutions.

Since the special foot insoles that I need are hundreds of dollars, I have been looking for something to help my feet that are less expensive. The first thing I found was Vionic Footwear which has a built in insole in their shoes to help tired and painful feet.

Vionic shoes were actually developed by a podiatrist because of the foot pain that many moms get through the day. They are especially helpful to pregnant women too because sometimes when a woman is pregnant, she gets extreme foot pain. Unfortunately, most of the time the pain doesn't go away after pregnancy either. Orthaheel technology helps re-align the foot to the natural position to help prevent planter facitis. It also helps align the legs and back aiding in correct posture and helping fight against back pain due to pregnancy related weight gain.

So far from wearing the shoes, I can tell a huge difference in how my feet feel. I have no arches in my feet so when I wear these, they give support to the place where my arches should be. When I do wear them, I feel no pain at all so I think I'll be getting these in many different colors. And they also have many different styles too so you can have a shoe for every outfit!

I also have found another amazing product that I have been using for my foot pain while I'm in the house. When I get home, I don't wear shoes in my house. In the summer, I'm always barefoot in the house and in the winter, I have socks and slippers on. So I've been looking for a good foot massager to use while I'm home. At Brylane Home, I was able to find a leg and foot massager that has worked very well for me.

The massager has two settings on it which will either vibrate or knead. I personally like the kneading setting the best because it feels the best on my feet. You can also choose to have both settings going on at the same time, but I personally only use the kneading because it helps take the pain out of my arches.

Brylane Home has other great massagers too so if you want to get social with them, check out their Facebook and Twitter Pages.

Do you have foot pain? Do you think you could benefit from either of these products?