Our Favorite KREO Kreations @KREODrMayhem @HasbroNews #KREOCityville

I am a KREO ambassador and have been compensated for this post. All opinions are my own.

Two months go we announced that we were chosen to be KREO ambassadors and Mary couldn't have been more happy. She loves building things so when a set of KREO toys came to the house, it was like Hanukkah for her!

This month is our last month as ambassadors and we put together the Police Station Zombie Defense Set.

This set took me about two hours to put together but I was also cooking dinner at the same time! Mary really enjoyed this set especially because of the green zombie man. Not sure why, but he's her favorite!

While we were playing with the set, we were also watching cartoons so it was a very relaxing day. And now that we have so many sets, we put them together to make a city. Here's the Invasign Service Station set as well that we made.

Have you made any Kreo Kreations yet with your kids? If you have you can share them online with the Kreo Hashtag #KREOCityVille! Here's a few of my favorites that I've seen so far!

Would you like to win a KREO set for your kids? This month I'm giving away the Police Station Zombie Defense Set that I built above!