Get Longer Hair Faster with Pro Extensions

I've always had long hair but about a year ago, I took the plunge and chopped it all off to donate it. And what I ended up with was a pixie cut that I hated. I've been growing it and it's almost to my chin now but my entire family misses my long hair and begged me to never cut it again. So in an attempt to get my hair back, I decided to try Pro Extensions to see if their hair extensions would make me look better.

So here's my before and after pictures of with and without Pro Extensions in. I do have some opinions on them so here they are:

My hair is an auburn color so I ordered the auburn color they make. But when it came, it was more of a Strawberry Blonde so there is a noticeable difference in the colors of my hair. They were very easy to put in but since my hair is so short, you can see the choppy layers from my own to the extensions so I don't think I could wear them out without a hat on top. They also scared my six year old daughter since it was a huge change seeing me with hair again.

So my final thoughts? Even though I do like them, my family said they would rather see my real hair grow naturally instead of wearing extensions so I'm not going to be wearing them. Most likely, I'll give them to my mom since she has a lighter color red hair than me.

If you want to give ProExtensions a try, then use code "whiskey" for 5% off your next order.